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Field collected this is a rare, very large, finely carved, chiefs Orator stool from the Mindimbit tribe from the East Sepik region, Papua New Guinea, consisting of a standing figure on a base with bent knees and arms extending parallel to body. Palms facing inside body. The large, oval shaped face is fringed at from the ears to the chin on both sides with old woven fibres, The old carving has been elaborately painted with ochres in brown (tree saps), black (charcoal), deep red (lime mixed with beetle nut and charcoal) and white (Lime powder). The face has circular-like shapes encompassing the large protruding eyes inlaid with large shells. The nose is long, narrow and slightly projects at the tip with space for a nose bone. On the cheeks are triangular tattoo-like incisions. The chest is incised with geometric incised designs with lime ochres. There is a prominent genital area suggesting the tribal chief was a very powerful man. Attached to the lower back of the figure is semi-circular stool with a small mask on lower part of each leg. The piece is carved in one single piece from a mammoth sized tree. These stools were traditionally used during debates in the Men's House, Haus Tambaran. The orator would stand next to the stool & beat it with a bunch of leaves to emphasis points to the assembled crowd. Estimated age late 20th century.


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