The Crocodile Spirit – “Palimbei is the centre of the Sanguna Cult, a worship of the crocodile spirit. The actual crocodile represents this spirit of which no images are made. Crocodiles are the human spirit in a kind of voodoo ceremony to avenge the wrongdoing. A legend about original creation could be the source of this cult: Before earth there was nothing but endless water in which there lived a crocodile. Layers of his excreta built up land areas and so the earth was created. The crocodile gave birth to man who was completely dependent to the point of being carried about on his back and at times in his mouth. After some time man determined to end his complete dependence upon the crocodile and seek a life for himself. He selected a large stone and while the crocodile was sleeping killed his parent with a mighty blow. Gazing remorsefully at the dead crocodile he burst into uncontrollable tears. For days, weeks, months he cried, His nose became elongated and his tears flowed steadily. This torrent of tears penetrated the earth’s surface and flowed towards the sea. Thus man’s lament for the beginning of his separate existence on earth formed the mighty Sepik.“ – The Sepik Diary by Frank Hodgkinson