All successful journeys require persistence, the passion to appreciate the value of difficult times, celebration at the accomplishment of milestones and humble gratitude in observing the transformative power of such a journey. We invite you to share in celebration of Bubble Artefact’s latest milestone, a ‘by appointment only’ gallery. A space to be able to share a full sensory experience for those enthusiastic collectors who desire a more in-depth understanding of the beautiful artworks we source.

Here is a glimpse inside our very own curio-cabinet of a gallery. We are showcasing a curated selection of our best pieces to highlight the diversity of Oceanic tribal artworks and are happy to tailor an experience based on a client’s needs.

In these challenging days of global isolation, fundamental truths and the emotional language of art help us to recognize our shared humanity across distance and time. These unique objects build a highly personalized, timeless aspect to your home in an era of superficial trends designed to keep people on a treadmill of consumerism. As colour schemes come and go, these pieces provide a thread of continuity linking time, place and generations to come.

With current events pushing the virtual world, we are taking a step to ensure the availability of a physical space to allow face to face, personalized experiences and complement our online gallery. Mostly we just want to say, “Welcome”.