9th September 2019


I have been buying many New Guinean pieces from Warren at Bubble Artefacts over the past 2 years, and have been involved in several dozen transactions with him. Everything that I have received has surpassed even my high expectations; packing is careful and thorough, everything received has been as listed, and the couriers he uses have been both fast and efficient.

I have of course been purchasing from other dealers in Australia, as well as France, Germany, Holland and America. I have also been collecting in PNG myself. As such, I feel well qualified to express a comparative opinion on Bubble Artefacts.

In short, the website is very clear with good accurate photographic and descriptive representations of the items, and it provides an easy ordering process. Warren himself is a very efficient and extremely knowledgeable communicator. His enthusiasm for this specialist area is both detailed and infectious. He researches each chosen piece very carefully before listing, and I have never once had call to doubt his integrity.

You are dealing with a man whose passion includes the meaning behind, craftsmanship of and aesthetic appeal of tribal art. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said elsewhere, where economics have clouded what I consider to be the true essence of the subject; the result can then so easily become a lack of respect for the individuals and communities for whom these objects played a central role in village life. This is a main reason why I wish Warren every success. I have no doubt that Bubble Artefacts supports the communities in the field along with the memory of their ancestors. It is also a business dedicated to supporting traditional craftsmanship and keeping the skills alive.

I can recommend his online shop to you without any hesitation, and you can be assured of not only an efficient but a very pleasant experience in purchasing pieces for your collection, office or home. You can also certainly expect exemplary customer service and an enjoyable time buying items from here.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Vincent (Member of the Oceanic Arts Society)