A Papua New Guinea yam festival mask of an old horn-billed bird from the mid-20th century. This old ceremonial mask, also referred to as a baba mask, originates from the Abelam people, along the East Sepik River Region, of Papua New Guinea. Yam farming was an often the main crop, making up a large part of the Abelam society. At harvest time, villagers would gather for the yam festival ceremony, at which time the farmers who presented the largest and best yams, often claimed a higher status and social ranking. These decorative masks are an important element in the elaborate Yam Ceremonies held by the Abelam people. Baba masks are made and worn by men. This mask is a unique example of Papua New Guinea art and the meaning it has in their lives. A perfect adornment for your home or to add to your collection. This is a rare and unique one of a kind mask and is a stunning piece of art. Field collected. Late 20th century. 



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