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This is a full-size, hand carved by adze, dugout (canoe) with two hand carved paddles collected by a Australian ship’s captain from the Ambunti tribe, April Lakes Region, New Guinea. The piece was brought back to Australia in the 1980’s and is a stunning museum quality collectible and extremely rare to have in one’s possession. The captain who wishes to remain anonymous was a captain of a ship that transported supplies between Cairns and New Guinea for more than 45 years before retiring. After many years traveling to PNG and the islands he got to know many tribal chiefs, one of which gifted him this hand carved dugout canoe (among many other pieces). He smuggled this piece in the galleys of his ship back into Australia in the 1970’s where it has been stored and well looked after ever since. The piece is carved from a single tree, has striking adze marks and still showcases the original tree sap used to fill in any cracks. The piece has been flamed dried to make is hard and light (even though it weighs just under 30kg),]. The piece has a schlack coating to preserve it. The piece is estimated to be between 1950’s to 1960’s and in beautiful museum fine condition and is a stunning carving.


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