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Field collected, this is a striking rare Kupkein Village tribal fighting war shield carved from hardwood with powerful motifs, colour, and symbolism to protect the carrier from magic or imbue fear in the opponent. Adorned with carved geometric motifs, colorful polychrome designs created with natural pigments. It was stored in the man's house and the motifs identify the clan and the village. It is also considered a spiritual protection when hunting or making war. The shield shows signs of use but retains its vibrant paintwork to the front. It has been used from approx 1960's through to the 1980's in tribal fighting and these shields tended to be repainted before each battle. This shield has a lovely shape and contour, the colors are vibrant and the reverse side has an intact arm cord. It is made of solid wood and has been flamed dried over a fire showcasing its early origins. Although the artist who painted this shield is unknown – it is a stunning collectors piece and very rare to find on the open market today.


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