Field collected, this is a stunning, beautifully carved and decorated Garamut Drum from Blackwater Village, Papua New Guinea. Both end carved with the face of a boar with tusks and cowrie shell eyes. The garamut (slit drum) is one of the most important musical instruments in many regions of Papua New Guinea. It is made from a hollowed-out log and played by striking it with a stick. Men in the community play the garamut at sacred ceremonies, communal celebrations, and dances. The garamut drum is also used for long-distance communication in a manner similar to morse code. Drummers have developed a special language of rhythms and notes by which they send messages to other communities. A drum can be used to call people together for meetings, to issue warnings, and to communicate other important information. This garamut drum has intricate designs on its handles and body and a beautiful painted design from natural ochres. The designs indicate what clan the drum originates from. The incised and inlaid patterns on the body of the drum are similar to decorations found on shields and hour-glass shaped drums (kundu drums) from various regions. This is a museum quality piece and a collectors dream. Estimated age mid 1960's to 1980's.


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