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Field collected, this stunning raw organic Mindja Sculpture is well carved with a concave facial plane, sharp features and is of classical form you’d expect from the Kwoma people. This zoomorphic figure is from the East Sepik area in Papua New Guinea and would have been used in spirit dances as part of the Yam Cult Harvests and Festivals. This is a fine old sculpture of far higher quality than is usually found and is truly a rare museum quality organic piece. Really impressive Mindja sculpture showing a water spirit that evokes fertility. This figure is used during a ceremony to celebrate the yam harvest. This ceremony is the second one of a cycle of three of them. The piece has been flame dried over an open fire showcasing its early origins. The estimated age of the piece is between 1970’s to 1980’s. The Kwoma and Nukuma people live in the foothills rising above Ambunti. Like the Abelam people, they pursue a way of life centred on the Yam cult. This is a museum quality stunning collector’s piece

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