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Field collected,this is a stunning large rare Tatanua (Malagan) Spirit Mask Carving from Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. This sculpture was made by an artist on the island of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, for use in an indigenous Malagan ceremony. New Ireland, a province of Papua New Guinea in the south Pacific, is famous for its malagan tradition. Malagans are carved wooden sculptures displayed in special ceremonies which link the living and the dead. Tatanua masks are worn by male dancers at the ceremonies. Malagan ceremonies help return things to normal after someone has died. Visual symbols on the sculptures and masks remind everyone of their shared history.Tatanua masks are commonly used at funeral rites, which both bid farewell to the dead and celebrate the vibrancy of the living.  This sculpture is distinguished by its evocative powers and its construction, both complex and delicate at once. It constitutes a superb example of the classic art of New Ireland. This is a rare and unique one of a kind piece and would be a wonderful addition to your collection and is a stunning piece of art. Late 20th century.

A wonderful written article by Patrick Nason is well worth a read to understand the significance and beauty of each and every carving coming from the life of Malagan.

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