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Part of an African Collection by M. Reeves, Australia. Field collected whilst living in Africa for 20 years and part of a beautiful collection amassed over this period which was brought back to Australia in 1980.­ Stunning old collectors piece, this is a vintage very rare Marka ceremonial mask from the Mali, Africa. Hand carved (adzed) from a single piece of wood with metal sheeting inlay. Estimated age is between the 1940's to 1950's. Usage traces and drying cracks. Beautiful patina.

This is a very rare beautiful hand carved wood Marka ceremonial mask from the Mali, Burkina Faso. The Marka are a Mande subgroup. This ethnic group is independent from the Bambara but their styles show a strong Bambara influence. The Marka are famous for their masks and puppets. Similar to Bambara's ntomo society masks, Marka masks are generally carved with horns, comb or crest on top of the head, but unlike Bambara masks they are often covered with metal sheeting. The Marka dress their masks in gaily-colored costumes made of cloth; they always appear in pairs, to represent man's courting of woman. Masks with a comb, similar to the ntomo masks of the Bambara, are danced in the context of adolescent boys’ initiation rites.

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