This is a wonderful and unique Men's Initiation Mask from the Lewa, Vokeo Island, Shouten Islands, Papua New Guinea. This type of mask is know as a "lewa" mask and represents a male masked spirit or deity. This is a distinct Lewa mask, black pigment, the medial ridge of the forehead and then gracefully transforms into the long, curved nose and a wood bite bar in the back for wearing the mask. The pieces has been covered with an earthy red ochre. They say the people had masked spirits called "Lewa" that instituted prohibitions against certain garden produce that enable ritual leaders to stockpile food to be used later during important ceremonies and festivals. This is a rare and unique one of a kind mask and would be a wonderful addition to your collection.  The estimated age of the piece is between 1950’s to 1960’s.This is a stunning collectors piece.

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